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"Weekend and short breaks available all year round."

East Mellwaters Farm with 345 acres of grassland

We are proud to have been in an Environmental Stewardship Scheme for over 20 years to help protect out natural grassland for the benefit of some of the less common species of birds and wildflowers.

There are about 4 miles of footpaths within easy walking distance of Mellwaters Barn, designed not only for wheelchairs or ‘buggy’ use but to enable all our visitors to enjoy the magnificent views that we have from various points on the farm. Many visitors have found a morning or evening stroll either down to the River Greta or Sleightholme Beck very relaxing.

Bird Watching:
For lovers of birds we have a very wide variety of birds on the farm including waders such as sanderling, oystercatcher and red shank, warblers, pipits, woodpecker, kingfisher, dipper, heron etc. Birds that nest on the farm include curlew, lapwing, oystercatcher, woodpecker, grey wagtail, swallow, house martin and of course the garden birds such as song thrush, blue tit, goldfinch etc. In all there are over 38 species of birds on our farm, the majority of those on the RSPB amber and red lists.

Wild Flowers:
We have a good range of wildflowers in the hay meadows and pastures including the early purple orchid, yellow viola, violets especially at God’s Bridge, barren strawberry, dog rose, cowslips, march marigold, meadow sweet, meadow saxifrage, primrose, wild strawberry, wood anemone, cuckoo flower, foxgloves, lady’s bestraw, lady’s smock etc.

Butterflies and Otters:
The Red Admiral, Peacock and Painted Lady are common butterfly visitors to East Mellwaters Farm and if you are very lucky you might see an otter on the River Greta or Sleightholme Beck.


Historical Remains:
In addition points of historical interest with the remains of settlements dating back over several thousand years are clearly visible in certain lights. Also limestone paving is visible in the Sleightholme Beck, whilst the River Greta has the best example of a natural bridge (at God’s Bridge).

East Mellwaters farm is a commercial farm where we breed sheep, spring is of course one of the most interesting times with over 1000 lambs.